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Microsoft Exchange 2003 is the core of the Microsoft communication and collaboration platform. It gives you secure and reliable access to your mail, contacts, appointments, calendars, notes, journals and public folders. Exchange 2003 is designed to interface with Microsoft Outlook 2003 software and also provides many remote options on the go such as Outlook Web Access and RPC-over-HTTP.


Microsoft Exchange 2003 features some of the most advanced collaboration features to date. RoyAl Technology Management's managed Exchange platform allows you to work with Exchange services transparently, whether you're on the road or in your main office.

· 1000 MB storage for your email, contacts, calendars and anything else you store in your mailbox.
· Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2003
· Access your mail, contacts, calendars and folders on the go, just point your web browser to the secure OWA site.
· ExchangeDefender SMTP Security
· Advanced mailbox protection from any sort of dangerous content (viruses, spam, worms, trojans, phishing).
· Microsoft Activesync
· RPC-over-HTTP
· Use your Microsoft Outlook 2003 on the road the same way you do at the office without setting up a VPN.
· Exchange Cached Mode
· Keep your email on your Exchange server and on your laptop at the same time, perfect for use offline or abroad.
· Microsoft Outlook 2003 Premium Edition
· Free copy of Microsoft Outlook 2003 Premium Edition for use with our Exchange managed service.
· Get your mail, contacts and appointments on the go with any Microsoft mobile device such as your PocketPC or cell phone.


RoyAl Technology Management provides a completely managed solution for your business: You do not have to purchase new hardware or software, worry about server maintenance or data backup just to use Microsoft Exchange 2003.

No Up-Front Investment
Server solutions require more than the ordinary desktop computer: you need reliable storage, quality hardware, licenses for the operating system, productivity and security applications. By accessing RoyAl Technology Management Exchange over the Internet you eliminate all the costs involved in ownership of the system that may not be adequate for more than 3 years.

No Maintenance Costs
Server solutions require expert personnel to configure and maintain them day-to-day. Also, the servers are always on and always available they can always be attacked by hackers, requiring constant monitoring, tuning and patching. RoyAl Technology Management solution is managed by a team of MCSE's (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers) around the clock, 24/7.

No Waiting
Properly designed server solution takes time - to order, configure and test. By taking advantage of RoyAl Technology Management solution you can start using server applications the same day.

High Availability
RoyAl Technology Management systems are located in multiple data centers around the world. With multiple Internet connections you can always be assured that your server will be available no matter how many people are accessing it. Your data is safeguarded on multiple SAN (storage area networks) and your system can always be rebuilt from the latest backup.

Flexible Licensing
Pay only for the licensing you use. If you only have a few users you don't have to buy license packs in 5 or 20 seat counts. RoyAl Technology Management's managed Microsoft Exchange 2003 can accommodate a company of any size.

Software Assurance
With RoyAl Technology Management you will never be stuck with the old technology. As soon as the new version of Microsoft Exchange becomes available you will be upgraded to it.


RoyAl Technology Management solution is designed to be affordable. We eliminate the up-front costs such as hardware and software licensing involved in traditional server deployment. Through special licensing agreements with our hardware and software vendors we can assure you of a low monthly price and allow you to grow on your terms.

25.00 per month


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