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Ecommerce Credit Card ProcessingEasy Payment Solutions offers Ecommerce Credit Card Processing solutions to grow your business. Ecommerce credit card processing has been the fastest growing sector in the merchant service industry over the last 10 years. As the convenience of online shopping continues to increase, consumers expect flexible payment options and faster checkouts. We simplify the checkout process by integrating with major shopping carts and providing fast, secure transactions.

Our ecommerce credit card processing allows you to accept payments with the industry’s most affordable rates. We offer gateways like and NMI (Network Merchants) that can easily integrate into any software package you are using. We charge zero up front, and have a zero early termination fee, this means you have no long term commitment! Our only goal is long term clients and referrals.

We offer the payment gateway for as low as $6 per month with no set up fee and a 5 cent gateway transaction fee. Because we specialize in local, start-ups and businesses that are new to we offer personal support in addition to the 24-7 support provided by If needed we will even help you log in for the first time, generate a transaction key, set your AVS, and adjust your daily velocity filter to help mitigate fraudulent charges. We can explain these items in simple, easy to understand terms, and walk you through the process.

We also offer for as low as $10 per month with no setup fee and 10 cent gateway transaction fee.

Though our partnerships we can offer a simple, consolidated, electronic sign up form for both the gateway and the credit card processing which means a much simpler process for you, your gateway can come preconfigured, and ready to use day one, it couldn't be easier!

Our ecommerce credit card processing makes accepting electronic payments quick, easy and safe.

If you are just starting to accept credit cards we can help your business set up ecommerce credit card processing for less money than you ever thought possible. The application process is fast and free, and the approval rate is high.

Are you an established merchant looking to save on ecommerce credit card processing? We would be more than happy to meet with you on the phone or in person to see how we can help. We will prepare a cost analysis for you to show how much we can save you at no cost.

Easy Payment Solutions is your one-source solution for all your ecommerce credit card processing needs.

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If you have any question about our ecommerce credit card processing services or want to signup please feel free to Contact Us Or Call us at 207-221-5198.

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