accept credit cards online

Accepting credit cards online is essential for most businesses and has proven to increase average order sizes by as much as 40%. If you want to know how to accept credit cards online, you are in the right place.

Here is what you need to accept credit cards online:

For online transactions, the payment gateway (you can think of it as the form in which a person inputs their credit cards data) replaces the credit card reader. After the transaction is successfully processed, the money is processed by your merchant account provider and then sent on to your bank account.

✓   Payment Gateway – 

The payment gateway is the form that your customers will use to enter in their payment information when making payments online, and the back end technology that processes those payments.  Find out more about our ecommerce credit card processing.

✓   Merchant Account – 

An online payment gateway connects your store and your merchant account.  It allows the credit card companies to easily take back fraudulent or disputed transactions before they hit your bank account. Find out more about our merchant accounts.

Fees to accept credit cards online:

There are fees associated with both the merchant account and payment gateway, but there are a lot of options out there. Our ecommerce credit card processing allows you to accept payments with the industry’s most affordable rates. We offer gateways like and NMI (Network Merchants) that can easily integrate into any software package you are using. We charge zero up front, and have a zero early termination fee, this means you have no long term commitment!

That’s right! No unnecessary fees AND get low cost Interchange pricing.

Being able to accept credit cards online helps merchants expand their business by improving customer service, increasing profits and minimizing late payments.

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