Finding the right credit card processing company takes extensive research and time. From the difficulty of getting approved to losing money on fees, the road to accepting credit cards can be rough. You settle on a company and think you can check it off your list but then companies like Quickbooks require you to update your equipment or be dropped! Have you been notified that you are going to be dropped from Quickbooks credit card processing because you need to update your equipment? BEFORE YOU DO, read on to see how we help!

Quickbooks is convenient for keeping your books, and we recommend it for your bookkeeping. If you are using them for credit card processing, we would be happy to do a full rate review to see if we can save you money and get you FREE equipment to process credit cards without having to change your Quickbooks.

Our goal is to help businesses reduce expenses and improve efficiencies. Here is what you get with Easy Payment Solutions:

– No Monthly Fees
– No Yearly Fee
– No Minimum Required
– No AVS
– No Statement Fees
– No Batch Fees

That’s right! No unnecessary fees AND get low cost pricing. If you have any question about credit card merchant services or want to signup please feel free to Contact Us Or Call us at 207-200-7186.

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