Do you have a question about online merchant services but can’t find the answer? Search no longer, Easy Payment Solutions has compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers to them:

✓   Question 1 – What our merchant services?

Merchant services enables you to process credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and electronic check transactions. These payment methods are convenient for your customers, and they may help you get paid faster.

✓   Question 2 – Do I need online merchant services to process transactions online?

There are some online systems that do not require a business to have a merchant account in order to receive credit card payments. However, these set-ups are generally designed to be used by very, very small businesses or for occasional transactions. If you expect to have a large volume of sales, it is both more efficient and more affordable to sign up with Easy Payment Solutions.

✓   Question 3 – Which credit cards should I accept?

Visa and Master Card are the most popular forms of plastic, but don’t underestimate the power of American Express and Discover as well, both of which tend to offer special benefits that encourage their use. Other bank cards are sometimes included with your merchant service agreement.

✓   Question 4 – Why do you have to check my credit?

We review your credit to assist us in determining the risk associated with sponsoring your transactions into the card processing networks. You send us your transactions for processing, and we credit your business checking or depository account. Those funds are available for you to use as you wish. The transaction is posted to your customer’s credit card statement, and they have the right to dispute any charges posted. If the customer disputes a transaction, a chargeback may be generated, which would be debited against your business’ account. In order to assess the risk of you having the funds to cover any potential chargebacks, we require a credit check.

✓   Question 5 – My business is unique. Will my online merchant services be customizable? 

We recognize that one payment solution does not fit all industries. We customize online merchant services to meet the specific requirements of your business from start-up to success, regardless of industry or size. Experience working with companies in a variety of industries has allowed us to develop specific solutions to meet the unique needs of these businesses.

✓   Question 6 – I use a variety of methods to connect with my customers. How can I upgrade one channel without affecting all areas?

Successful companies use a multi-faceted approach to reach their customers. Easy Payment Solutions can consolidate your payment solutions, including:

– Point-of-Sale solutions in physical locations
– Online solutions for your websites
– Virtual terminals for your trade shows and mobile activities

✓   Question 7 – Will a new merchant solution introduce more risk? Are privacy and security addressed?

Easy Payment Solutions will provide you with the security you need to concentrate on growing your business while we manage the payment processing. Every part of the transaction process has been designed to minimize the risk and uphold the highest standards of privacy and security.

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