There are tons of industries that should accept online payments. As a consumer, it’s a real bummer when a business is not setup for online payments! With a busy work life, travel, and hobbies, when I need to pay for a service, I want it to be easy, fast, and convenient.

Increasing cash flow is a top priority for any business out there. As a result, many companies accept online payments to help get paid faster, save time, and reduce costs. By having an online bill payment system companies can automate their accounts receivable process, provide more options for their customers to pay, and significantly reduce the number of paper invoices that must be printed and sent. Being able to accept payments online will make your business more efficient, help you retain customers, and provide a valuable selling point when acquiring new ones.

Here are the top 5 industries that should accept online payments:

 Fitness Centers

Being able to accept online payments help fitness professionals expand their reach while providing a higher level of convenience for their existing members. Fitness centers can improve member retention with secure credit card storage and automated recurring billing. It’s hard enough to get motivated to go to the gym. If you have to think about writing a check and mailing in your bill every month, you’re more likely to cancel.

✓   Landscapers

If your company is still using paper invoicing or collecting paper checks, there’s a very good chance you’re losing potential revenue or receiving late payments. Accepting online payments enhances the level of customer convenience you’re able to provide, which heightens the customer experience, and ideally leads to repeat business and referrals to friends and neighbors. If your landscaping business does recurring work for your clients, it only makes sense to have recurring billing capabilities as well. Online billing software gives you the ability to set up daily, weekly, or monthly recurring payments, and even a custom first payment.

✓   Child Care

By offering parents the ability to make online or automatic payments for child care related services, you’re providing a better customer experience and improving your cash flow!  That means less lost payments, less time thinking about or following up on that late check, and more time doing what you love – taking care of kids!

✓   Apartments

Deliver residents a safe, reliable and confidential way to pay rent online 24/7, while eliminating the burden of paper checks and redundant data entry. Accepting payments online enables you to streamline rent week, save time and reduce costs. Not to mention your residents will love the convenience of making their rent payment online. Offering residents the ability to pay rent online or at convenient locations saves everyone time and money and increases your resident retention.

✓   Non-Profits

Speaking with many non-profits, we confirmed that many people want to donate to your organization, but often don’t out of sheer convenience. The next time you send out a direct mail piece soliciting annual gifts, consider an email (it saves money and is more environmentally friendly) with a link to an online donation form. It’s easier, cheaper, more professional in many cases, and more secure!

If you own a business in one of these industries, you should absolutely accept online payments. Your business will have a competitive edge over the competition that does not offer similar payment services. If you’re business is ready to expand into accepting online payments, Easy Payment Solutions offers superior, reliable and affordable online merchant services for all your business needs. 

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