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data centerA data center is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. RoyAl Technology Management delivers scalable, reliable and secure IT infrastructure solutions to help maximize your existing technology investments and better meet your current and future technology needs.

We have access to data center space all across the United States with major facilities in Portsmouth, NH, Orlando, FL and Dallas TX. We can provide 24x7x365 access for you or we can be your eyes and ears on-site. We can rent space by the U by the month or we can provide big discounts for long term leases. All our Data Centers are Tier 1 Centers, with redundant Power, Data and cooling with state of the art full security.

Data center prices start as low as $110 per U, Per Month


If you have any question about a Data Center or want to signup please feel free to Contact Us or Call us at 207-221-5198.








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