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Web serversweb server is simply a computer program that dispenses web pages as they are requested. Our dedicated server experts will keep all server software up to date and monitor the performance of your server 24/7/365 so you can rest easy and focus on your business. Our fast and reliable web servers, excellent customer support and affordable prices give you the stability your web site needs to be successful. 

As we are data center provider, we have a very unique pricing plan for our web servers. Option 1, is you can pay for the hardware upfront, and then only pay the low monthly data center rental fee. Option 2, is you can pay a monthly amount for your hardware and data center rental fee. With these two options we are able to keep costs low and provide you with great service.

For a Managed CPanel Web Hosting Server, start as low as $270.00 per month.

If you have any question about Web Servers or want to signup please feel free to Contact Us or Call us at 207-221-5198.



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